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Hi, I'm Kristen!

I have a passion for helping nursing school students study smarter not harder and to thrive on their journey.

I’m the RN behind the scenes at Capsule RN.

As a nurse myself, I understand the challenges faced by aspiring nurses and have a passion for carefully curating study materials and resources to support your academic and professional endeavors. CapsuleRN encapsulates key nursing concepts to help you study smarter not harder. The goal is to help you spend less time finding and consolidating information and more time understanding the information so that you can unlock your full potential in becoming a nurse of excellence.

The start of my nursing school journey was really overwhelming — I’ve never been one of those people who could get by without much effort, especially in a degree as hard as nursing. I had to work for it, and by the grace of God I excelled in it.

I remember my first semester as I looked at the Nursing 101 syllabus and realized there was assigned reading – an outrageous amount! I knew myself well enough to know that I could (and by nature would) read what felt like 938,759 assigned pages but come away with nothing more than a checked off imaginary box, little understanding, and possibly a failed test. I found my professor after class to tell her my predicament, and she wisely counseled me: study smarter not harder. The point was to learn the content well – not just to read all the pages, not just to pass a test, but to really understand what I was learning. With new-found clarity and resolve, I simplified the learning process, developed my own study system, established a life schedule, organized my assignments, and got to work. With much streamlining, hard work, perseverance, and prayer, I successfully made it to the finish line.

All that to say, I have a passion for helping nursing school students run their race well. It isn’t a walk in the park – nothing worth having is – but I believe it is possible to make the journey easier with the right resources that help you consolidate and simplify concepts, learn them at their core really well, and build upon that core knowledge for the rest of your nursing career.

The beautiful reality is, nursing school is more than a degree – the very process of going through a difficult program over a long period of time is shaping. If you let it, it can be used in your life for good to mold your character, goals, vision, lifestyle, and perspectives which will aid you for a lifetime. The season of nursing school is an invaluable opportunity to grow. It won’t last forever. Embrace the journey and embrace today!

Many blessings on your life and learning while in nursing school!